Hello, I am Connor Silvester.

I am a Upper Sixth A-level student at Princethorpe College, studying Law, Politics and Business and I have written an EPQ on the American Dream. I am apart of the Prefect team at Princethorpe College, I have the position of Deputy Head of School. I also competed in swimming at the ISA nationals and have swum with a club since 2014. I am preparing to get my real estate license, and potentially pursue higher education in business management, international relations or law. I have a great interest in real estate/development and Law. I'm also really interested in leadership, enjoy speaking in front of groups, and have excellent people skills.

I have just finished my Extended Project Qualification, which is around 11,000 words on if the American Dream is dangerous or not. The reason I chose to research the American Dream is because I have always taken an interest of what the American Dream actually is, as we always hear about it in Movies & TV shows but we never have been taught the real meaning of the American Dream and where it comes from. If you'd like to read my Dissertation with over 20 citations please read by clicking 'Work' above.

In my Lower School experience I wanted to use my creativity towards something i'd find rewarding. So when deciding on what options to choose for my GCSE's, one I chose was Art & Textiles. However, it didn't come without struggles. I found starting my Final Project difficult as what I was doing in class was completely different to what everyone else in class was doing as I was starting to design a canvas and everyone else was designing dresses and corsets. However after the first few weeks of struggle I was able to start progress on my canvas as I had a clear plan of what to do.